The Prodigy Fans Radio Posts Week 23

Music and images for the week #23. You can find previous posts on The Prodigy Fans Radio Youtube channel or soundcloud page and Facebook or Google+ page.

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1. Arzole – Breathe (Prodigy Cover)

2. The Prodigy – Stand Up (Damgroove Bootleg)

3. The Prodigy,Your Love / Charly (Damage Inc.,We Love Charly 2K15)

4. Joshy B – No Good For Me

5. The Prodigy – Smack my bitch up (Moi rmx)

6. The Prodigy – Your Love (Zoix Re-luv)

7. The Prodigy Ft. The Wu – Breathe Wu

8. The Prodigy – Medusas Path (Ultrythm Remix)

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BIG ‘birthday’ BEATS Big Beat Tribute Mixtape By Waysie

You got here another all star big beat tribute mixtape, there are 30 tracks in it with pretty much everything popular in the scene from back in a day. Prodigy and Chemicals are the most present ones. Tracklist is on the mixcloud. Enjoy.

the prodigy fans files new beats cover copy 1



Fire.Water.Earth.Air – Narayan (Prodigy cover)

I think you won’t come across the Prodigy cover this good very soon, this is full cover powered by rock and its probably the top stuff out there. Its not available for free download from the soundcloud page and i dont if this band is selling this (there are no links on the soundcloud page). Enjoy.

The Prodigy – Get Your Fight On (RIOT 87 Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This is probably the best bootleg related to the new album, its properly heavy and serious with nothing anoying and stupid, remix is probably as good as it gets and drum and bass has always been making out good with The Prodigy. Enjoy and download from the Riot 87’s facebook page. This one goes also in to the exported vibe section.

The Prodigy Mix By J Luiz Ak

Another one in the series of classic tribute mixtapes and there isn’t too many tracks in it but its special for a certain unknown mashup of at least 4 ‘Experience’ tracks which is maybe made by the dj him self. Enjoy the standard rave vibe and download.

the prodigy fans files new beats cover copy 1





1. out of space
2. firestarter
3. smack my bitch up
4. breathe
5. fire sunrise
6. diesel power
7. poison environmental science dub
8. voodoo people
9. ruff in the jungle bizniz uplifting vibes
10. mashup/remix (out of space, wind it up, fire, hyperspeed, charly)

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The Prodigy “Old Skool Mix 3” By Resession Promotions

It’s very cool experience of an old skool Prodigy being mixed with the rest of old skool rave crew from back in the day (there is more of Prodigy btw). Only ‘Experience’ tracks are in here so this is absolutely a hardcore/rave mix. Tracklist is partial because there is no “official” information about it ( I only recognised Prodigy tracks). Enjoy and download.

the prodigy fans files new beats cover copy 1




1. intro
2. everybody in the place
3. out of space
4. fire
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?
8. everybody in the place 155 and rising
9. ?
10. ?
11. hyperspeed
12. charly trip into drum and bass
13. charly original
14. What Evil Lurks
15. outro

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The Prodigy – Wild Frontier (Lafreux Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

There is not much of Wild Frontier bootlegs so far and this electro one is good for a change i think this is interesting enough and entertaining, electro is practically not my type of thing but this has some sense. Click on image to get to the player/file on another website (not embedable).


wild frontier prodigy